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EVE Audio SC203 (pair)


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EVE Audio SC203

If you are looking for a set of speakers that take in the minimal amount of space but deliver the maximum amount of sound quality, you should consider the EVE CS203. At EVE they worked very hard with a group of professional audio engineers and combined the highest quality components to guarantee the best possible sound for a small set such as this one. Because of its size the CS203 is the best solution for professional desktop systems, home systems and gaming systems.

Thanks to the orange rubber pad the speakers can be tilted to either 0°, 7,5° or 15°. This ensures you get the best sound quality no matter at what height you place them. Because it’s made of rubber you minimalize the amount of resonance which can happen when a speaker is placed on, for example, a wooden desk.

SC203 Mounting Adapter
With this set the SC203 Mounting Adapter is also included. The adapter can be used to place your speakers on mic-stands or you can combine it with EVE’s own Wall Mount Adapter.