Pico Dolly
Camera skate (max 5kg)
149 €

From your Smart Phone, to Compact Point and shoot Cameras, or even DSLR Video, now you can create Cinematic movements right from your desktop. The Pico Dolly offers high quality and unique camera tracking movements from any smooth surface. Adjusting the two axles allows for side to side tracking, push or pull dolly shots, and even unique 360 degree rotating movements.

The Pico dolly is made from quality craftsmanship, using high quality metals, fluid roller bearings, smooth wheels, and the entire unit has a matte black anodized finish. The base plate has three 1/4-20" female threads to mount an optional P&C friction arm, ball head, or video fluid head and to add on additional accessories.

The Pico Dolly kit is offered with a travel bag, a P&C variable friction arm, and Shark Clip. The Shark Clip is a simple way to clamp your Small Camera or Smart Phone. The variable friction arm has three independent joints that can easily adjust your camera to a variety of positions with a single knob.

The Pico Flex Dolly system is completely portable and can be set up in under 30 seconds. So whether you arelooking for an ultra light dolly for on the go video or a heavy duty dolly for professional film making you will find the Pico Flex Dolly right for you.
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